Things to know before your visit


When you arrive
The front office will give you a copy of this document to read again and sign. We have new policies to allow us to effectively treat all patients the same with the same care and respect.

Valuable information about your visit
Aranesp and Procrit shots are given Monday-Friday between the hours of 9-12 or between the hours of 2-4 only. If you come between the hours of 12-2, you will not be able to get your shot.

If you have lab drawn the same day, and want the Aranesp or Procrit shot the same day, you will have a 2 hour wait.

In order for the insurance to pay for Aranesp or Procrit shots there must be 14 days between shots. If you are scheduled to see the physician and you are not due for your shot yet you will have to wait the 14 days.

You are given a lab order when you get your shot, you are responsible for keeping up with your lab order. If you do not take your lab order with you to the lab, it will increase your wait time.

Please bring in all of your medications in their original bottles. The receptionist will need to see your insurance card every time you have an appointment. Your copay is due when you first check in with the receptionist. It is your responsibility to contact the office with insurance changes including the effective dates.

If you need any forms filled out by the nurse or physician; there will be a $15 fee collected when you pick up your completed forms. Please allow 72 hours for your forms to be completed.

Please call the pharmacy when you need refills. Please allow 24-48 hours for the prescription to be processed.

The lab work that the physician orders is very important to your appointment. Please have your lab drawn 48 hours prior to your appointment.

If you need to talk with one of our nurses please leave a voice mail message and they will return your call the same business day.

Please make sure that all referrals needed for your appointment with us have been taken care of prior to your appointment, or you may need to reschedule your appointment.

We ask that you call 24 hours before your scheduled appointment to cancel or reschedule, or you will be subject to a $50 missed appointment fee. This fee is not covered by any insurance.

We participate with Medicare, Medicare fee for services plans, Anthem Blue Cross of Virginia, Medicaid, Cigna, Southern Health, Piedmont Community Health Plan. All other insurance carriers are filed as a courtesy.

Most insurance companies can take up to 45 days to process claims.

If you have any billing questions please call (434) 947-3954 ext 122
If you have any questions for the nurses please call (434) 947-3954 ext 116

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